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Third prize with a photo quest on 500px!

Recently I was awarded the third prize with a photo quest on 500px: Seeking light in nature. I’m very happy with this great honor and the prize: I won an Olympus PEN F plus a a Profoto collapsible reflector sunsilver/white. The photo, left, was taken on Iceland during an awesome sunset on mountaintop Valahnùkur. It was on of the view moments we saw the sun during an almost three week trip on Iceland. The timing was great!

Link here

Les couleurs de soirée

On February first, I was able to take one of the shot’s I really wanted of Lyon. A colorful sunset at Amphitheatre des Troi Gaules and Basilica Notre-Dame de Fourviere. Yes I know, I know. This evening shot from Croix Rousse toward Vieux Lyon is a big cliché. However, I still love the view here! Especially with such colors in the evening sky. So I’am very happy that my patience and perseverance (I went here several times without seeing a magic sunset) were finally rewarded. I got my ‘couleurs de soirée’.