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In gallery Questmas winners 500px

Very cool that my photo ‘First Light’ is in the gallery 2018 Questmas winners! It’s very rewarding to see it in this Gallery. Especially after al the effort it took, I hiked to the Riffelsee from the Stellisee and had some cold nights in a in a single wall tent, to take this shot. And I could barely take it, because a group of photographers were being aholes and destroyed the reflection by peeing, yes you read it correct, in the lake and standing in my frame….

Editors’ Choice at 500px

I’m honoured that another photo of mine is Editors’ Choice at 500px. It’s very nice to be appreciated like this, and to get a bit of recognition for the architecture and minimalism/graphic photography I like to do, but do way to little. Thanx 500px, it is really motivating!


Link to photo at 500px: https://500px.com/photo/271232391/strange-exit-by-sander-van-der-werf?ctx_page=1&from=user&user_id=168682



Third prize with a photo quest on 500px!

Recently I was awarded the third prize with a photo quest on 500px: Seeking light in nature. I’m very happy with this great honor and the prize: I won an Olympus PEN F plus a a Profoto collapsible reflector sunsilver/white. The photo, left, was taken on Iceland during an awesome sunset on mountaintop Valahnùkur. It was on of the view moments we saw the sun during an almost three week trip on Iceland. The timing was great!

Link here