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Shutterstock is secondary, B, now

Like many creatives and content creators, my photo’s and footage can no longer be found first at Shutterstock. I had to temporarily disable my portfolio here out of protest, Shutterstock slashed royalties by about 73% in the middle of a pandemic on June 1. This has a massif negative impact on our income and is really offensive. For example, the Matterhorn sunrise photo on this site deserves far more than a minimum of 10 cents (yes, you read it correctly: $0.10!). This is why I view Shutterstock only as a secondary, B, stock site. I won’t upload my new photo’s here as quickly as I do to AdobeStock.

So for all the customers, if you are looking to buy stock photo’s, please go to AdobeStock. They do respect and value their contributors, and have decent royalty rates. You can find my portfolio on AdobeStock under ‘Licensing’ if you want to take a look, or follow this link:  https://stock.adobe.com/nl/contributor/201639707/sanderstock

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